The Life and Work of Arne Naess: An Appreciative Overview

By Alan Drengson This long and comprehensive introduction to the life, work, and accomplishments of Arne Naess by Alan Drengson first appeared in The Trumpeter, in 2005, a magazine that was established by the author. In the article Drengson not only tracks the genesis (inception) of the term deep ecology, he also takes up [...]


The Influence of Arne Naess

By David Rothenberg Philosopher and composer David Rothenberg tells of his friendship with Arne Naess, and particularly his gentle way of dealing with critics. Yet, exactly because of his attitude of welcoming all kind of views, many philosophers, according to Rothenberg, found him too vague and too cordial to viewpoints that were not his [...]


Our Mutual Love of Mountains

By Dolores LaChapelle LaChapelle was an avid mountain climber and skier, but first and foremost she was a philosopher and researcher. She shared much common ground with Arne Naess. In this text from 1992 LaChapelle shares memories of their correspondence and her encounters with Arne. She also tells of the introduction of the deep [...]


My Relationship with Arne Naess

By Bill Devall Sociologist and practicing Buddhist Bill Devall is particularly remembered because of his extensive studies of environmental thought and practices. In this warm tribute to Arne Naess, Devall praises him as an amazing teacher (in a Buddhist sense) and as one of the great philosophers of the 20th century. The memorial was [...]


In Memoriam Arne Naess

By David Rothenberg David Rothenberg is an American composer and philosopher who has worked closely with Naess in the 1980s and has published numerous books and texts on his environmental philosophy. At Naess’s funeral in Oslo in 2009, Rothenberg was invited to present a commemoration speech. Here, in this In Memoriam, Rothenberg looks back [...]


The Joy of Living Deeply and Well

By Alan Drengson and Bill Devall Drengson is the Associate Editor of the ten volume Selected Works of Arne Naess (SWAN) published in 2005 by Springer. In 1983, he founded the now online magazine Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy and, later, Ecoforestry. Until his death in 2009, Bill Devall was well-known as both theorist and [...]


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