Simple in Means, Rich in Ends: A Conversation with Arne Naess

Interview by Stephan Bodian This is a very early interview with Arne Naess, published in 1982. It was influential in introducing the concept of “deep ecology” to an American audience. Stephan Bodian, a teacher of spiritual awakening in the Zen tradition, Dzogchen, and Avaita Vedanta, encourages Naess to speak about a shift that he [...]


“Here I Stand”: An Interview with Arne Naess

Interview by Christian Diehm Christian Diehm, professor of Philosophy, was probably one of the last to conduct a long interview in English on Arne Naess’s philosophy. The conversation took place in 2001, in Arne’s home in Oslo. Main theme is the relation between Naess’s own thought and the work of philosophers in the phenomenological [...]


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